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Tapi midi-set


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Product description

All you require for the cleaning and caring of your carpets and upholstery. The TAPI MIDI-SET is an essential requirement for every house, maintaining your furnishings in pristine condition.

Set includes:

  • 0.25 lt TAPICLEAR Broad spectrum stain remover
  • 0.5 lt TAPIGOLD Special carpet and upholstery shampoo
  • Stain brush
  • Fleece cloth
  • Cleaning guide

Product specification

Item no (ID)146
NameTapi midi-set
Weight1.00 kg
Volume250+500 ml

Instructions for use - TAPICLEAR

Instructions for use - TAPIGOLD

A rewarding result without damage to your furnishings or health is achieved with our special shampoo TAPIGOLD. It is a simple, easy to use product and is suitable for all materials from synthetics and goatshair to sensitive silks and natural fibres. This encapsulation method is very low saturating as it does not require any thorough rinsing, thus making it very suitable for delicate natural fibres such as sisal, jute, hemp and preventing rotting and mis-shaping occuring. TAPIGOLD will even remove sticky residual remains from previous use of chemical cleaners. TAPIGOLD can be used for large area commercial cleaning through to simple manual cleaning and light stain removal. 0.5 litre covers approx. 12 - 25 sqm.

Manual Shampooing:
Vacuum the carpet prior to cleaning, dampen the sisal brush with clean water. Spray TAPIGOLD directly onto bristles. For heavily soiled patches or streaks on the carpet, spray lightly directly onto the affected area. Brush the shampoo into the carpet, with and against the weave. Keep the brush moistened at all times. TAPIGOLD dries as fine crystals, encapsulating the dirt. After drying (approx 12-24 hours, depending on room temperature) the carpet can be vacuumed off.
For more gentle shampooing of fine carpets, such as woven carpets made of light wool or loose twisted pile, sisal and coco, wrap a dampened fleece cloth around a brush, spray the fleece with TAPIGOLD and proceed as above.

Sensitive materials:
To shampoo Hand woven rugs with lighter wool content or a loose twist, wrap a dampened fleece or terry cloth around the brush. Spray TAPIGOLD on the cloth and not on the carpet! Gently rub over the soiled area and repeat the process with a rinsed cloth until it is clean. This method is also suitable for sisal, jute, coir, etc.

Please note: Before use, please read all the instructions very carefully and test a small inconspicuous area for colour fastness and material stability.

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