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First of all what actually justifies the price of a genuinely hand-knotted carpet? Basically, two main factors should be considered in determining the price of a carpet:

-A correct summarizing and evaluating of the classification criteria (refinement, material, sample, age, place of manufacture etc.) and also
-The market-affecting indicators (such as economic development, monetary value, purchasing power, supply and demand etc.)

Apart from the 'technical' criteria, we should consider another very important aspect when reflecting upon the value of a genuinely hand-knotted carpet, namely the manpower! To finish a carpet of medium refinement knot by knot will take months, even years. Nearly every day weavers spend their time at the weaving chair. Not only much time, strength and perseverance but also talent and intuition has been invested in this valuable art. It is only because of a low wage in these countries that carpets have become affordable in western countries. If one would compare or would even compute their labour using western European hourly wages, a carpet becomes nearly priceless.

Today's market price of a genuine carpet is unfortunately also subject to the influences and developments of market-affecting indicators, however even this certainly does not justify the 'real cost' of an oriental carpet.

Therefore we should not under-appreciate the work of a genuine carpet any more than any other very valuable art or craft, such as painting, porcelain and so on.

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