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Kashmir Silk carpet. Category: classic.

ID: 6869

Hand knotted, 100% silk, with fringes, 7 mm 


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Product description

Carpet weaving in Kashmir - the cradle of Indian carpet art - arrived with the Mongols. Kashmir has become a hub for quality rugs. In Kashmir today, the finest carpets of the country are manufactured. The patterns are influenced by classical Persian Designs. One typically Kashmiri pattern is the tree of life. The colors of Kashmiri carpets are more subtle and muted. The yarn is silk, wool or mercerized cotton, so-called “artificial silk”. Kashmiri carpets are very decorative and durable.

Product specification

Design ID 6869
Country of origin India
StyleKashmir, Silk
Color description
Pattern antique style, cassett
Size 214 × 301 = 6.44 m²
7.02 × 9.88 = 69.33 sq ft
Fringes yes
Weight 17 kg
Pile material 100% silk
Thickness 7 mm
Weave hand knotted
Knotting Persian (Senneh) knots
Knots / m² 550,000
Weft & warp cotton
Care & Cleaning Dry Cleaning or Professional Carpet Cleaning
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This carpet is guaranteed hand-made, therefore irregularity in shape, size and pattern can appear. Please note that due to screen display, the colors shown may slightly differ from the original colors of the product.

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