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Tabriz 50RAJ carpet. Category: classic. Brand: Botepp.

ID: 5023

Hand knotted, wool with silk


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Product description

Tabriz, the capital of the province of East Azerbaidjan in northern Persia, is one of the important commercial centers for Persian carpets. The range of patterns is huge: from floral to geometrical designs, Tabriz offers quite a variety of motifs. The fine 'Herati' motif is a very common pattern of Tabriz carpets. Made of very fine quality 'cork' wool usually with silk combination, these carpets are finished with Persian and Turkish knotting. The fineness of a Tabriz carpet is usually measured in so called 'Raj'. This describes the number of knots in one square centimeter. The higher the number of knots the finer the carpet is. In practice one differentiates between 40Raj, 50Raj, 60Raj up to 70-80 Raj for extremely fine Tabriz. Tabriz carpets are among the most decorative and exclusive Persian carpets.

Product specification

Design ID 5023
Country of origin Iran
Color description
Pattern antique style, floral, Herati, medallion
Size 153 × 210 = 3.21 m²
5.02 × 6.89 = 34.58 sq ft
Weight 9.37 kg
Pile material wool with silk
Weave hand knotted
Knotting Turkish (Ghiordes, double) knots
Weft & warp cotton
Care & Cleaning Dry Cleaning or Professional Carpet Cleaning
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This carpet is guaranteed hand-made, therefore irregularity in shape, size and pattern can appear. Please note that due to screen display, the colors shown may slightly differ from the original colors of the product.

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