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Ziegler Classic carpet. Category: antique style. Brand: Botepp.

ID: 4638

Hand knotted, fine quality and shiny wool, 6 mm 


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Product description

These fashionable carpets, produced in the border regions of Pakistan, are an authentic replication of the genuine 'Ziegler' carpets that was originally designed and created at the turn of the 19th century in Persia by a Swiss-English company called Ziegler & Co. The pattern refers to the antique Mahal, Oushak and Sultanabad rugs. Rather than the small pattern of the traditional Persian carpets, they follow the prevailing Western fashions of the time integrating large floral and Oriental inspired motifs and designs. Never overcrowded, their airy visual effect gives a sense of open space and elegance. These semi-antique rugs are woven with high quality hand-spun Afghan wool using vegetable dyes. By a special finish wash, a soft and silky feel and shine are added to the carpet. Pale and pastel color compositions and an original weave are used, resulting in a simpler balance, exemplifying a true antique look. Again in fashion, the new Zieglers are in harmony with today's furnishings and suitable to all kinds of furniture styles.

Product specification

Design ID 4638
Country of origin Pakistan
StyleDjobie, Ziegler
Color description
Pattern antique style, floral
Size 195 × 253 = 4.93 m²
6.4 × 8.3 = 53.1 sq ft
Condition Unused and in very good condition:
Weight 15.28 kg
Pile material fine quality and shiny wool
Thickness 6 mm
Weave hand knotted
Knotting Turkish (Ghiordes, double) knots
Knots / m² 140,000 - 160,000
Weft & warp cotton
Care & Cleaning Dry Cleaning or Professional Carpet Cleaning
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This carpet is guaranteed hand-made, therefore irregularity in shape, size and pattern can appear. Please note that due to screen display, the colors shown may slightly differ from the original colors of the product.

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