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The Oriental carpet is one of those exceptional creations of mankind which gives highest testimony to our creative powers. Since the earliest era of human civilisation they have served their creators with comfort and well being - prestige and wealth. Carpets have held the status of a symbol of sovereignty. They have been a symbol for secular and spiritual strength, a symbol of a host's veneration of a guest, a sign of power and rule.

But in the East carpets are even more than that - they are carriers of a complex message. Indeed they compose a pictorial storyboard of the history of eastern peoples who have woven the most meaningful and characteristic aspects of their cultures into their carpets. Each one is a unique composition of artistic nostalgic, religious, and pragmatic value.

It is only in the last few hundred years that oriental carpets have been esteemed in the West as luxurious furnishings which, above all, enhance the aesthetic feel of a home with a touch of distinction.

Today, because of their universal appeal, oriental carpets are considered to be art - attracting the hearts of those from the most diverse of cultures thereby uniting East and West. The diversity of themes, finding their actual origin in a number of religions, is an example that despite their variation, they can bring unity and harmony. With their exceptional themes, harmonic colors and fine materials the have the power to charm any home into a paradise, bringing warmth and radiance - joy and comfort.

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