Rugpads and cleaning - everything you need for the best carpet care!

Non-Slip Rug Pad
for textile floors

Vlies Plus

from €10,00

FLEECE PLUS is the quality rugpad for textile and smooth/hard floors.

Non-Slip Rug Padfor textile floors

Non-Slip Rug Pad
for stone and wood

Elastic 2.5

from €14,00

Elastic 2,5 rugpad stops rugs on smooth/hard floors and is suitable…

Non-Slip Rug Padfor stone and wood

Carpet care & cleaning

Stain remover

from €20,00

TAPICLEAR broad range stain remover is a necessity for every carpet…


Moth protection

from €31,00

TAPICONTRAMOTT is an ecological moth deterrent and protection spray.…


Odour remover

from €22,00

Often in our homes inevitable odours occur, whether from food…


Carpet Cleaning Set

from €33,00

All you require for the cleaning and caring of your carpets and…