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Product description

TAPICLEAR broad range stain remover is a necessity for every carpet owner, available for an immediate thorough stain removal when mishaps occur. TAPICLEAR will virtually remove all stains, such as fruit and fruit juices, tea, rust, red wine, coffee (up to 80%). Old stains can be removed without leaving the carpet matted and colors running. TAPICLEAR removes stains efficiently and effectively and dries into fine crystals that can simply be vacuumed away. It is suitable for all synthetic, goatshair/Tretford and wool carpets.

Product specification

Item no (ID)143
Weight0.30 kg
Volume250 ml

Instructions for use - TAPICLEAR

Spoon method
This procedure is simple and effective and is particularly suitable for short pile carpets and rugs.
You need: TAPICLEAR and a normal spoon.
Spray TAPICLEAR onto stain and with the rounded side of the spoon massage the spray into carpet in circular motions. Now turn the spoon and apply a slight pressure rubbing over the area of the stain to lift the foam that has dissolved the dirt onto the back of the spoon. Remaining TAPICLEAR dries into fine crystals that encapsulate the dirt and can be vacuumed off later.

Tapi-cork/brush and fleece cloth method (MIDISET or MAXISET)
For sensitive carpets and for firmer structured carpets, such as goatshair/Tretford, looped and needle felt. This is a more gentle, but still effective, stain removal. Place fleece cloth on stain and spray TAPICLEAR onto cloth. Wrap the cloth around the cork/brush block and rub away the stain as with a pencil eraser! If stain is not completely removed, reapply the TAPICLEAR to a clean area of the cloth and rub the stain again until the mark has vanished. TAPICLEAR dries into fine crystals that encapsulate the dirt and can be vacuumed off.

Please note: Before use, please read all the instructions very carefully and test a small inconspicuous area for colour fastness and material stability.

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